Exposed Works

Ancient Technique For Vases
  1. Before we begin creating a vessel and prepare the material which we are going to use for it's decoration. Firstly we should be choose the right kind of specific territories, which will give different color during the kilning (black, white, yellow, etc). The different synthesis of each mold, produces the proportional color. We screen the mold until all rocks, even the tiny ones, are removed from it.
  2. Next we fill a pan with water and the clean mold and we shake it.
  3. We leave it for a few hours and then we transfused to another, for over a hundred times (this procedure gives us a better screen). Last pan with the mix goes to the kiln for 2-3 hours, until the water vaporized and the remaining material is the clay-cream which we will use for the painting of the vessel.
  4. We clean and polish the already dry and non kilned vessel using various tools until its surface becomes like glass. Then we draw with a pencil the figures that we want to create.
Lost Wax Methods For Bronze Statue
The following section describes the "Lost Wax" procedure synoptically.
  1. The first step is to create a model. Before that we drew some sketches of the object we want to build.
  2. We build a study sculpture armature, using materials such as wire, iron, wood or it depends on the object we want to build.
  3. We start to build the model on the armature with clay and we continue to work on it until we are satisfied with the detail level and the result generally. At this time we can divide the model to smaller pieces, in case we want to build a large sculpture. (the small ones are always one piece only).
  4. We build a cast over the mold so we can prepare the plaster mold which will be our model.
  5. We use the model to build a cast and we produce a wax statue. This statue is hollow.