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Lost Wax Methods For Bronze Statue
The following section describes the "Lost Wax" procedure synoptically.
  1. The first step is to create a model. Before that we drew some sketches of the object we want to build.
  2. We build a study sculpture armature, using materials such as wire, iron, wood or it depends on the object we want to build.
  3. We start to build the model on the armature with clay and we continue to work on it until we are satisfied with the detail level and the result generally. At this time we can divide the model to smaller pieces, in case we want to build a large sculpture. (the small ones are always one piece only).
  4. We build a cast over the mold so we can prepare the plaster mold which will be our model.
  5. We use the model to build a cast and we produce a wax statue. This statue is hollow.
  6. A network of wax conduits, called sprues and gates, are attached to the model. They act as channels though which the wax, when heated, will escape. We also install sprues inside the statue which ends to wax funnel. Next we cover the inside and the outside surface of the statue with clay and we put it in the kiln. So we produce a ceramic shell of sufficient strength to withstand the weight of the molten bronze.
  7. In the kiln with the temperature the clay becomes hard and the wax melds. The space where the wax used to be, now it's empty and it wil be fulled with the molten brass.
  8. With a special procedure we clean the model from all the wax which is in the down part of the model.
  9. Inside there we will put the bronze which we have meld in 1300 degrees of Celsius.
  10. When this cools, in order to take the bronze statue, we break the ceramic shell. The bronze statue that we take looks like a tree with branches (the breathers) we polish and scrub it so the surface gets glabrous and clear.
  11. Finally the surfaceof the bronze is patinated. So for every bronze statue that we have to create different wax model and ceramic cast.